Casino Rules

Although it is possible to play for as long as you want at any online casino as a guest without any pressure to make a deposit and play for real money, most people usually take the next step and join the casino that they have tested as a guest as a real money player.

It’s a simple transition from being a guest player to real money player. All that is involved is opening her real money account and depositing some money to get going.

Before the player decides to open a real player account they have a few simple decisions to make. First of all, they will need to decide which currency they want the account to be opened in.

Surprisingly enough, most people prefer to make their deposits in US dollars, although most online casinos will accept any major currency, including Australian dollars. Another thing worth knowing is that if a player does decide to open the account in one currency and change it, it is a fairly simple procedure to do so.

Once a question of which currency has been settled, the next stage is to decide on which deposit method to go for. Statistics show that most players prefer credit cards, although in the United States, at least, depositing to an online casino through most of the leading credit card companies can be problematic issue. However players anywhere else in the world will have no difficulty depositing through their credit card.

Many players, however, prefer to use the method known as web wallets to make the deposits. The original web wallet was PayPal, but they have since been joined by other heavyweights such as NetTeller, FirePay and Click2Pay, although there are a number of other choices available, some of them locally based. The main attraction a web wallet is for players would like to keep their wagering history as discreet as possible.

This is very possible because using web wallets as any deposits or withdrawals show up as an anonymous transaction on the web wallet holder?s bank or credit card statement. If credit cards or web wallets don’t fit into the online casino members scheme of things, there are other deposit methods available such as bank checks or wire transfers. These methods tend to be more popular among the members of the high rollers community.

Online casinos have it in their interest to make sure that depositing should be a fairly straightforward procedure. If things don’t go as smoothly when it comes to depositing players should always be aware that the customer service department will be on standby around the clock to assist a player who needs help in making a deposit or processing a withdrawal.