Las Vegas Casinos

If you have never heard of Las Vegas, you’ve probably been living under a rock! Most people dream of going to Vegas at least once in their lifetime. Some go to Vegas for an end of year party, bachelor party or even to get married! The excitement of the Las Vegas casino floor is the primary reason so many people visit this desert oasis. In Vegas, the lights and colors are brighter and the bets are bigger. As a matter of fact, in Las Vegas, everything is bigger, better and more extravagant than anywhere else in the world and is truly, one of a kind.

Even the hotels in Vegas are overly indulgent, stylish and sophisticated. People not only visit Las Vegas for it’s casinos and famous games such as the Mega Moolah slot. If we had a look at financial statements from MGM Mirage 10 years ago, we would find that 70 percent of the revenue came from gambling. Today only 40 percent comes from gambling. Today, every great chef in the world has a restaurant in Las Vegas and any store along Rodeo Drive or Fifth Avenue is in Las Vegas. There are also great golf courses and spas as well as entertainment. The Vegas theme has been used several times for movies, events and online casino games. If you want to practise a bit online before you visit Las Vegas, head to the brand new to find out more about casino games, especially roulette! That is, if you speak German, of course.

Is there such a thing as an unpopular Las Vegas Casino? Well, popularity, like beauty, is all in the eye of the beholder. Here are some of the most popular Vegas casinos broken down by category.

Trendiest Casino

The Cosmopolitan is the trendiest Vegas casino, at least according to users of the Foursquare mobile check-in app. This resort offers a smooth, urbane design featuring casino cabanas with glass walls and a view of the Strip. Plus, the Marquee Nightclub and the live-in artist program make sure there?s always a bit of cutting-edge art, music, and culture on hand.

Most Iconic Casino

If any casino embodies the traditional spirit of Las Vegas, it?s got to be the MGM Grand. This casino complex is home to the largest gaming floor in Vegas, and it?s been around for 40 years, making it a staple of the Strip.

Best Casino for Rookies

The Luxor is popular with gamblers looking to improve their poker skills, as free lessons are on offer in the casino?s poker room.

Best Casino for Families

The Excalibur has a little something for every generation of the family, from the kid?s Fun Dungeon to the Australian Bee Gees Show. There?s even a hot all-male stage show, to give the ladies something to ogle for a change. Plus, the casino offers a huge variety of games for all tastes.

Best Casino Pool

Mandalay Bay is a popular place to stay in Vegas because it offers a great way to relax in between gaming sessions: a huge water park with a wave pool, a lazy river, and real sand beaches.