Macau China Casinos

The Asian country of Macau is Las Vegas biggest casino destination rival and also has a “strip” called “Cotai Strip“. The Cotai Strip is 1.8 miles of reclaimed land between Coloane and Taipa. Macau is one of the world?s largest parties with the familiar bright flashy signs, nightlife, bars and casinos which tend to attract more serious gamblers than the more family oriented Vegas. In saying that, if you want to plan a family holiday, Macau itself is a delightful town and fun for any type of tourist.

There’s plenty of exciting activities to do to please everyone while you are taking care of the more serious business. Some of the most popular spots include casino Lisboa, Galaxy Rio Casino, and the Sands Casino. The largest casino in the country of Macao is The Sands Macau which is located in the city of Macau. The Sands Macau Casino has 277 table games and 405 casino slot machines. If you’re looking to play at a free casino then Macau is probably not your destination of choice. Macau has some of the highest table buy-ins in the world so make sure you bring your cash!

Sometimes called ?the Monte Carlo of the Orient,? Macau has long been a favorite international gambling destination. Only recently, however, has this little former Portuguese colony really come into its own, threatening to eclipse even Las Vegas on the world stage. You can find far better casinos than on – and best of all, they are real!

Macau already beats Vegas in terms of revenue?as of 2010, Macau?s casinos brought in 4 times as much cash as Vegas. In part this is due to the island?s proximity to mainland China, where hundreds of thousands of newly affluent people are looking for something to do with their money. Gambling is seen by many Chinese as an attractive alternative to allowing their savings to sit in the bank and get eaten up by inflation.

Macau?s popularity is also due to its amazing luxury casino complexes. There are currently 33 casinos in Macau, with more popping up all the time. Quite a few of them are jaw-droppingly awesome, like the Venetian Macau, which features the largest gaming floor in the world. In addition to the casinos, there are plenty of other attractions, from shopping and dining to offbeat sights like a 130-foot tall volcano replica that erupts every night. Someday it may even include a replica of the Las Vegas Strip, if the owner of the Sands Macao follows through on his promise.

If you visit Macau, you simply must try your hand at baccarat (find out more on It?s the island?s most popular game, mainly because it appeals to Chinese gamblers? desire to play big and fast. Macau also trends towards more high-stakes gambling, so be prepared to risk a big chunk of cash if you really want to gamble the Macau way.